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Literature and Ethnography in Lusophone Africa

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This book discusses colonial and postcolonial textuality under the theoretical scope of Literary Theory, Cultural Critique and Anthropology. It focuses mostly but not exclusively on Angola and Moçambique. In these countries, both writers and literature play a central role in the discussion of politics, thought, culture, and education; Ethnographic Fiction in particular emerges in this context as a genre that allows a violent reading of history and society. The generalized interest in “the cultural in the text” raises literary heritage to the position of a privileged mediator for all forms of postwar predicament. Configuring grounded ethnographies, the fiction that we choose to present and discuss translates simultaneously into localized experience, movable textuality and protean matter, since it applies to changing knowledge, as the field demands it. This work is adjacent to the contributions of researchers who are dedicated to the Literary and Ethnographic fields in their contemporary associations.



Spectral Textuality
1. Anthropology and Cultural Critique
2. Historical Allegations
3. Form and Fear in Misrepresentation

Why Ethnography Matters
4. Anthropology and Literature
5. Storytelling in Minefields
6. “Nomadic war machines”

Synecdoche Versus Critique
7. What is Ethno-criticism?
8. Musseque and Paradox



Ana Maria Martinho Gale teaches at Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas of Universidade Nova de Lisboa and is a Visiting Professor in foreign Universities (USA, Europe, Africa). Her main fields of research are Portuguese Studies, African Studies (Literatures and Cultures from Portuguese Speaking Countries), and Portuguese SL/FL. She is an active member of the research center Centro de História da Cultura, and of the International Advisory Board and Editorial Board of Ellipsis.
She has been chairing PhD and Master Theses in national and international universities and currently participates in academic projects in Portugal, the UK, France, and Angola.
Some of her publications are Cânones Literários e Educação – Os Casos Angolano e Moçambicano (2001); Culture, Media and Politics in CPLP (forth¬coming); “Utopian Eyes and Dystopian Writing in Angolan Literature” (2007); “Literatura e Confluências Culturais” (2009); "Memo¬ria, Represen¬tações e Experiência Etnográfica" (2010), “Índicos Indícios – Condições do Olhar e Retórica do Discurso Histórico em J.P. Borges Coelho” and “Gender and Cultural Representations in Suleiman Cassamo's Short Stories” (forthcoming). She translated into English the book of Angolan writer Arnaldo Santos, A Casa Velha das Margens (2010).


Ano: 2011
Capa: capa mole
Tipo: Livro
N. páginas: 164
Formato: 23x16
ISBN: 978-989-689-140-4
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