Thinking in Babel

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Álvaro de Campos, in his Ultimatum, published in the first and only issue of Portugal Futurista (1917), proclaims the revolution to come, not one of a strictly material kind but rather one fleshed out by the speculative imagination, conceived philosophically by way of a complex meditation on the historical expression of material habits and spiritual values while manifested poetically by way of a deeply ironic mediation of the now positivistic, now symbolic sources of human consciousness. The revolution to come will be a material and dematerialized (or “immaterial”) one, since it will be nourished by the complex noetic territory open to the increasingly self-reflective human community presaged by modernity.


(I, II, III)


Live from Earth (i)
Live from Earth (ii)
Eros, etc.
Oedipus before Jocasta’s Tomb
On Pedagogy
Foreign Travel
Note to a Writer Momentarily Disabled
Gustave Flaubert Visits a Lover Then Recalls Emma Bovary
What Theory Says
First Draft (i)
On The Speech of Bipeds
Anti-Genesis (i-ii)
Anti-Genesis (iii)
On Poetics: Theory (i-ii)
Biped Poem
On Poetics: Practicum (i-ii)
Ophelia’s Dream
First Draft (ii)
A Few Final Words (i-v)
Free Speech
Haiku (i-vi)
Take Your Clothes Off
Stop, Look, Listen
Antique Poem
A Walk in the Woods
Driving Lessons
Doing Things with Words: a Compendium
Aquellos Ojos Verdes
Sources of Parable (i-ii)
Emma Bovary’s Eulogy
Family Tree
Gregor Samsa
Literature and Science: Early Signs
Postmodern Ode (1-30, 0- -3)

What Remains
Magister Dixit
On Learning Greek
Five Grains of Sand
At Fifty
What Is Unbearable
Brassaï’s Photographs
Wangari Maathai
The Umbrellas of Cherbourg
Primo Levi’s Carbon
Between Moth and Larva
There’s Something Strange
Make It So
This Uneasy Feeling
Drink Plenty of Water
I Need to Know Why
There’s No Subject Ready
Π and Κ
What Do We Say, to Whom and Why?
Somewhere in the Intersection
Poem for Meletus
The Spot Where Dreams
Adynata, Anaphora, Anacoluthon
The Day You Became Indispensable
Reading, Writing and Arithmetic
A Typographical Error
The New Global Network
Il Trionfo dell’Innocenza
In Remembrance of Yehudi Menuhin (1916-1999)
So Nothing
So Everything
Memory: What the Sky Sees: Prometheus Addresses His Maternal Lineage: Gaia, Themis, Clymene and Io

On Sailing and Drowning
Men at Work
Wittgenstein’s Ladder
What’s on TV?
In Praise of Moral Fatigue
Civilization and Its Tents
Ode on Avoiding Bitterness
What It’s Not (a Negative Poetics)
Poem for My Child
On Reading the Poem and Reading the Text
A Dog’s Destiny
In Praise of Failure
In Praise of Finitude
Gravity in a Late Universe
Vertical Prowess
It Isn’t Enough to Convince Us (a Tarantella for Hungry Politicians)
No Rhyme but Reasons
A Rough Theory of Being for Children
Apud e.e. cummings Nonlectures (1952-53)
Just Moments Away
On Terrestrial Waywardness
Medusa in My Living Room
Notes for Untitled Lecture (i)
On Metaphysical Disorder
i. The Moment Itself (before viewing Caravaggio’s
The Supper at Emmaus)
ii. After Viewing Caravaggio’s The Supper at Emmaus
Thinking outside the Box
Apparent Nonsense (Atlas’s Farewell)

IV. BABIL, fifth floor (2011)
A Brief Preface (or Under Babil’s Eaves)
Minor Addendum to the Periodic Table
The Velocity of Meaning
For the Murdered Poet Nadia Anjuman
Nouvelle Cuisine between the Raw and the Cooked
Childhood Formulated
An Old Family Recipe
Winter Solstice
On Difficult Presence
How Much Autobiography?
No News Is Good News
An Inconsolable (Dis)order, or, After Reading Kant on Cosmopolitan Reason
Fed Up
The Paths Taken and Not Taken
A Passing Thought
So How Was the Exam?
On the Non-commutative Nature of Language
The Struggle for Existence
Another Passing Thought
A Non-passing Thought
Growing into Time
[Paida-gogós] = On Pedagogy and Enslavement (i)
[Paida-gogós] = On Pedagogy and Enslavement (ii)
One must
Aphorism on the Human Bestiary (i)
More on the Human Bestiary (ii)
On Being Late Moderns and on What We Do
On our Anthropological Situation (i)
I Said My Name (Exile in Seven Steps)
On Building a World Community (i)
Basic Philosophy
Homecoming Puzzle
On Literature
Don’t Come Knocking (When the Political Perverts the Vital)
What Skills Do You Have?
Life-cycle (i)
Osip (i)
Osip (ii)
Animal Mineral Vegetable
On Burying a Poet after Long Exile
The View from Babil’s Fifth Floor

On World Relations
Animal Kingdom
After Long Illness
On the Historical and Ahistorical Nature of Communication
On Zelig
Why Abandonment Is Inconsolable
On the Necessity of Perceptual Distance and the Vacuum beneath
the Masks
On the Category Mistake of Language
On the Adaptability of Experience in the Struggle for Memory
On Pedagogy
On Poetry: Finding the Interval between Positive and Negative Belief
On Thought in Poetry
Christopher Damien Auretta
Liquid Love
On the Fractal Nature of Being
Variations on Thingness
Fractal / Fateful
On the Phenomenology of the Verse
On the Insufficiency of Gravity on Consciousness, Language and Being
On the Post-Machine Age and the Fate of Language
On Consciousness, or Evolution Become Self-Aware
Teleological or Non-Teleological?
You Get Three Questions
Intervals both Meaningful and Disputable
On Our Present Free Fall without a Parachute
Fernando Pessoa’s Aporia
On the Futurity of Language in Motion
So / Not So, Terence
More on the Idea of Grounded Groundlessness
The Agora, the Ecclesia and the Academy
Dining with Androids
Two Neighbors in the Tower of Babel
On Poetry after All Is Said
Fragments (i-li)
One Last Thing

VI. A TEDxTalk: “Dois momentos passados na Torre de Babel do
século XXI, ou a imaginação biofóbica e a imaginação biófila” [Two Moments Spent in the Tower of Babel, or the biophobic and biophilic imaginations]: a Talk given at the School of Sciences and Technology of the NEW University of Lisbon on 17 June 2016 [uma Talk proferida na Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, a 17 de Junho de 2016]

VII. Excerpt from a letter to a student´s inquiry concerning
my reaction to the Nobel Prize for Literature, 2016

A Brief Epilogue

Bibliographical Notice


Christopher Damien Auretta lecciona na Universidade nova de Lisboa onde organiza seminários em Pensamento Contemporâneo e Ciência e Literatura. Com a chancela da Colibri, publicou até à data Dez Anos in Portugal, Ensaios, Prosa, Poesia; Álvaro de Campos, Autobiografia de uma Odisseia Moderna; Diário de Bordo, Aspectos do Pensamento Contemporâneo; Pequeno vade-mécum ad loca infecta: para docentes, estudantes e outros mártires (=testemunhas) da moder¬nidade cansados mas ainda capazes de uma ténue esperança; Em torno do cinema, Visualizando a modernidade: narrativas e olhares do ecrã; Cem dias de solidão, Crónicas pedagógicas na Babel contemporânea; Ten Essays; Cem dias à sombra da Torre de Babel, Novas crónicas pedagógicas e Em torno do Pensar na Torre de Babel.


Ano: 2017
Capa: capa dura
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N. páginas: 446
Formato: 24x17
ISBN: 978-989-689-634-8
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